Overseas: By ship or plane

  1. We'll give you a quote, based on your needs.
  2. Trained colleagues pack and load your belongings.
  3. Renowned shipping companies and airlines will take care of transport to the destination country.
  4. Selected partner movers look after you in the receiving country and help you with customs clearance and tracking to your destination.
  5. Insurance for all transport links and labour.

If you wish, you can enjoy the complete service, including the unpacking of boxes and furniture assembly.

And we will bring you home again.

...and everything tightly calculated...according to your needs!

Types of transport

When it comes to overseas freight, a distinction is made between general cargo and full loads. Air freight or vehicle transport complement the options when moving overseas.

  • LCL (Less Container Load) designed for small or partial loads
  • FCL (Full Container Load) designed for complete loads
  • RoRo worldwide transport vehicle transports on special roll-on, roll-off ships
  • Air cargo freight transport worldwide

Transport volumes

Comprehensible and transparent calculatio

The first step towards an orderly move is the exact calculation of the transport volumes. Often this requirement can be clarified using our practical luggage list.

But some things should be checked – uncertainties and open questions are always welcome.

Suburb and free of charge: Be it to your house or office, our experienced movers are happy to help you to organise your move and plan the expected costs.

Container types and sizes

Containers are a vital part of transport. The options we offer you are flexible, from a lorry trailer or a train to large suitcases as air cargo overseas.

The common container types & sizes:

  • 20-piece container: capacity 32m³
  • 40-piece container: capacity 67m³
  • 40-piece high cube: capacity 76m³

Alternative: Transport via a liftvan (wooden oversea box). Capacity up to 8m³ - are individually manufactured to the size of the shipment (smaller also available is required).

Small loads can also be transported via pallets.

Packaging is half the battle

Appropriately packaged

In coordination with you, we figure out the optimal type of packaging and always provide sufficient packaging and dunnage to fit your cargo.

Professional standards and specialities of out carpentry

Quality packing for overseas moving is equally as important as space-saving, especially when the most expensive method, air cargo, is opted for. Next to experience and know-how, packaging is really a question of tools. Over the years, Zapf Umzüge has acquired the best producer and extensive range of packaging options and packing tools, which satisfy the highest demands and most difficult tasks - because a cheap carton can cost you dearly.

With some furniture, and especially art, it's simply not sensible or safe to transport it, even with the highest standard of packaging. There is no mission too difficult for our carpentry team. Whether it's unique musical instruments or valuable high-tech working equipment – custom-made products are nothing new to our carpentry team.

We use exclusively standardised, country-specific wood material for specials crates (boxes, cartons). For our overseas packers, loading your lorry, and even the container, is part of the daily routine.

We solve tasks just as diligently with imports.

Price certainty

Reliable planning, we provide you with transparent quotes

In addition to transport volume and methods, there are still other factors in our modular system, which affect the price. Your personal labour affects the price, which means:

  • Transport for any budget
  • Service for every need

You can:

  • deliver the cargo yourself and pick up at the destination port or airport
  • have it collected and pick up yourself at the destination
  • have the cargo delivered to a freeport, with or without customs clearance
  • have the cargo delivered to your door at destination and unload yourself
  • have the cargo delivered free of charge and leave it to be unpacked at the destination
  • enjoy a 'full service' and all you have to do is get yourself there!

Our quotes are always comprehensible and transparent. No small print: Your quote will not be affected by changing freight rates or oil prices for the given time period. You are safe from ugly surprises and can kick back, relax and enjoy your move!

Of course we offer options worldwide – from Alaska to Australia…

Storage service

In good hands – what stays here, what come with?

For many overseas stays, arrangements are temporary. You're not yet sure of plans or the final destination has not been found yet. In these cases, and in order to increase planning flexibility, Zapf Umzüge offers a wide range of options for storing your goods, which have not yet taken on the journey.

The storage of valuable or bulky goods requires know-how, conscientiousness and, of course, good equipment. The storage areas of zapf umzüge have high shelves, are air conditioned and of course well-guarded (video and security).

Just like the various transport links, the storage options should be meticulously thought through and reviewed. Depending on your needs, the option which may seem cheaper at first glance could turn out to be less than ideal in individual cases.

Talk to us!

Customs and insurance

Practice makes perfect – also when dealing with offices

We keep an eye on the formalities. We also help you through your own paperwork. In regards to these processes, we also offer accounting services with employers and offices.

Whilst determining the transport volumes, a part of the required preparation can be done in advance. The inventory list and all-encompassing insurance certificate are the perfect tools to meet all your requirements from packing to unloading. 

Specifically, the following steps are required:

  • We produce your inventory list and look after the documentation.
  • The insurance cover. This happens at any level, viz., upon your request and according to your estimate.
  • Information for customs goods. Also when moving, depending on the destination country. They receive many forms from us automatically.
  • Customs clearance. In Germany we accompany you on every step of the way and upon request our operatives are available worldwide.
  • Export certificates for new acquisitions. In some cases, this certificate is necessary – in which case we will inform you.

But whichever forms you need, we are here to help; in Berlin, Munich, Rio - worldwide.

Import: And back again

A worldwide service, be it from Alaska or Australia

All essential steps you go through when moving to a new country are done in the same order, back in the other direction. And exactly like A and O are our reliable and competent employee in Germany, reliable partners overseas is our speciality.

That means that we guarantee the same quality, regardless of location and regardless of who you are. The following also applied to imports:

  • We establish the transport volumes free of charge, an on-site employee answers all important questions, such as those regarding
  • Packaging
  • Transportation route
  • Regardless of whether or not you have received a binding quote
  • Also regarding paperwork, with on-site partners and from there on, we stay right by your side when dealing with customs and insurance.

References - where we are headed

There is now hardly an area in the world where zapf umzüge has not already moved its customers.

Through our network of partners, we can offer professional removals worldwide at fair conditions.

In addition to a large number of moves to the USA and back, our overseas team managed moves to:

  • Asia (Indonesia, Thailand, China, India, Malaysia, Arab States)
  • Australia
  • Africa (Tanzania, Botswana)
  • to the Caribbean,
  • to Oceania or
  • South America (Chile) and
  • North America (Canada).

Contact the overseas department

Your contact for sea routes and AirCargo:

Mr. Dominique Schulz

Tel.: 030 / 61061
E-Mail: zapf@spam.zapf.de