Removal storage: ... "I’ll be back later!"

We offer you the option of storing a portion or all of your belonging with us. Here we distinguish between:

  • Temporary storage from a few days up to 6 weeks.
  • Long-term storage for an unlimited time for as long as you want.

In both cases we pick everything up and store it in our facilities. Depending on your wishes, your household belongings will be returned to you either sooner or later.

Temporary storage: A buffer for the rushed and others

You’ve got to vacate your old apartment, but the new one isn’t quite ready yet. Or you’re still looking for a new one and don’t want to pay two rents.

Whatever happens, we store your belongings until your move into your new home.

Especially for long-distance moves, it’s difficult to plan your time to fit exactly with your obligations in your old residence.

No problem for us: For temporary storage we put everything in a warehouse or container. As soon as you’re ready we deliver your furniture and boxes to your new home.

Long-term storage: Space for timeless objects

Whether you’re going abroad, but don’t want to settle down there yet, or if you want to get rid of some of your furniture for a longer time, but don’t want to throw it away, or if you want to clear out a second home and don’t know what to do with everything – we can store a portion or all of your belongings in our warehouse.

You decide when we deliver your things to you

Up till that point, you can rent a storage space with a special storage contract – not unlike an apartment, though considerably cheaper.

Upon request, you can also visit your stored belongings at any time, in order to take one or the other thing with you.