Assembly service: quality in no time

“Do-it-yourself” – but you don’t always have the time, the right tools or you’re just not sure whether all the pieces are going to fit together when re-assembling your furniture. No problem – we’re happy to help!

Our experienced assemblers and kitchen carpenters will take care of all tasks. In a talk with your moving consultant, you decide where we can give you an extra hand.

Our all-round service includes:

Furniture assembly: dis- and reassembly of your furniture

We disassemble your furniture and will reassemble everything in your new home. Our service ranges from taking down shelves and putting them back up to disassembly and reassembly of entire wall systems including alignment.

If one or the other piece of furniture doesn’t fit into your new apartment properly, we can advise and assist you with any rebuilding or alterations

For special services such as the dis- and reassembly of waterbeds or built-in closets we have a network of competent partners who support us on location.


Kitchen assembly: From wall-mounted cupboards to the sink

Experienced kitchen assemblers take care of dis- and reassembly of your kitchen. Prior to the move we will advise you extensively on the installation of your kitchen in the new apartment and will help you plan the arrangement of the kitchen modules.

If something doesn’t fit, we can carry out modifications such as cutting down or re-cutting worktops, installation of the sink with faucets and drains, placement of new end plates and much more.

If you haven’t got the time or opportunity to acquire the necessary materials for an modification – no problem. According to your wishes, we’ll get everything required for a trouble-free modification and will bring the materials along with the move.

Small-item assembly

How many lamps, curtain rails, towel racks or bathroom cupboards lie around for weeks after a move, instead of hanging on the walls the way they should!

First the ladder is too short, then the drill is packed away in one box or another and to top it all the right screws aren’t to hand.

We know all about that and therefore, upon request, we can…

... bring everything you need for assembly.

Decide for yourself which small items need to be assembled directly following the move and which of them you might be able to assemble yourself later.

Connections: washing machine, sink, stove, etc.

So that you not only have the washing machine in the right place but can also use it right away, we can take care of the installation, as well as that for kitchen sinks and dishwashers.

No more pushing and shoving to connect the hose and faucet.

We’ll also conect up your electric cooker so that you can use everything in your new apartment the way you’re used to.

The pre-requisite for this work is that all connections are available and fit properly.

If preparation by an electrician or plumber is required we’ll be happy to support you.

Modification and customisation service

By employing experienced assemblers and carpenters, modifications of your furniture and kitchen modules present no problem.

  • With you we plan modifications and adapt your furniture to fit the space of your new home.
  • We will be happy to provide the materials required for modification and will bring everything along with the move.

If you still require an assembler after your move, just give us a call.


Full service: your one-stop source for everything

Actually pretty simple. You’ve got a lot to do and have no time at all to participate in the move. So we’ll do it – everything. 

From packing service to furniture, kitchen and minor assembly through final clean-up and painting 

With us full service means: one-stop planning and implementation of all services. All we need from you are the dates and (if you can’t be there yourself) an authorised person on location to approve the agreed services.