zapf sustainability

As a moving company with independent branches, more than 600 employees and more than 60,000 customers a year, we are aware of our position in the business and our responsibility, which we take very seriously and therefore we see ourselves as:

Providers of opportunities

We want to pass our knowledge on and are therefore constantly training, which benefits quality. Our traineeship rate of 10% is far above the national average. We want to hold on to our know-how and provide ample opportunities for further employment.

Permanent trainers

We offer our staff permanent continued training opportunities and career advancement opportunities. “We should make good worker even better” – to safeguard the business and to maintain our policy of permanent employment, with over 500 positions.

Cardboard comrades

We operate a box deposit system. For the sake of the environment, customers re-use boxes. So hundreds of thousands of cardboard boxes can be reused .

Disposal pros

We dispose hundreds of tons of household appliances, household waste, wood and metal for our customers – professionally and with documentation. We also return 100% of our own materials to the recycling loop, ensuring that everything ends up in the right place.

Blowing off steam

For the sake of the customers and the environment: we continually invest in new vehicle technology.


We optimise our long-distance hauls using a sophisticated traffic circulation principle. Avoidable empty loads and unnecessary fuel use are a thing of the past. We happily pass on our savings to our customers through lower prices. We keep the excess CO2 for ourselves.

Train riders

We love riding the train, especially our containers. Whenever possible, we spare the truck and go by rail. It’s another contribution to reducing CO2 emissions and it relieves roads and motorways.

Art instigators

We support artists working in various genres. Whenever we can, we transport exhibitions and equipment for filmmakers and theatres. And sometimes we make a direct donation here or there so that our country never runs out of creativity and good ideas.


We see culture as something we want to take part in, so we happily immerse ourselves in the masses and support children’s festivals, parades, exhibitions and kindergartens with our services, from supplies to equipment and manpower.


We don’t shy away, but look at things head-on. Our country and its people interest us, not just as customers, but as a community in which we live and work. Therefore we’re involved in associations and bodies, support social projects and are always open for questions and ideas.

Knowledge movers

We move a lot with muscle-power. What moves us is to always be on the pulse, technically and organisationally speaking. True to our motto “The spirit moves matter”, we’re in constant contact with universities and technical colleges and accompany students into their professional careers with semesters of practical work experience and theses. We use the results of applied research to be able to offer our customers first-class service now and in the future.

... and we keep on going!