Tips and Tricks for moving

Life hacks from zapf umzüge

Emil is moving: A short guide for kids (in german)

  • What little Emil experiences during the moving,
  • Why people move and
  • What the porters do during the moving...

... explains a small cartoon to all small 'assistant-porters'. Good fun ;-)

Clear Out and Give Away

Take advantage of this perhaps unique opportunity and get rid of old stuff and things that you haven't looked at in years before moving.

  • Broken and unuseful items belong to bulky refuse.
  • Some things can be recycled and should be taken to respective recycling centres. Welfare institutions (Red Cross etc.) might be interested in some of the items you want to get rid of.
  • Chemicals, paint, solvents, neon tubes etc. are categorised as special waste and should be taken care of accordingly.
  • Remember: the more you clear out and give away of the things stored for instance in your cellar, loft and garage, the more work, time and money you save!

Plan and Prepare

  • In co-operation with your removal company, set a fixed date for your move as soon as possible. Order boxes and packing material for the items you plan to pack yourself.
  • Ask your employer for special leave if possible. Lease contracts, advance payments, new sets of keys, etc. are things you should take care of well in advance.
  • The same applies to electricity, water and gas supply, telephone connections as well as renovation works.
  • Please do not forget about your deep-freezer – try to use up the contents in time. And remember that you will have to defrost your refrigerator to move it, consider this when shopping fresh foods prior to your removal date.

 For more tips and tricks please order the zapf umzugshelfer for free.

Look Well and Consider

  • Have you thought of all the problems that might arise when you unpack and set up the furniture at your new place?
  • Have you drawn a layout of the furniture arrangement? Take a good look again at the furniture in the old place, will everything fit where it is supposed to go?
  • Should you need a higher or special insurance cover for pieces of art, antiques, etc., please contact us or your insurance agent. Even the best removers might make a false move and you should be on the safe side.

Clever Packing

  • In case you are packing your goods yourself, you should wrap small items in colourful paper, to make sure they will not get lost in the bulk of wrapping paper.
  • Keys, brackets (e.g. to hold up mirrors), metal fittings etc. should be put in a plastic bag fastened to the respective furniture they belong to.
  • Please do not fill drawers with heavy items or lock them.
  • Do also keep in mind, that every box you pack will have to be carried afterwards and that the contents should be well-protected during the transport of your goods.
  • The weight of the boxes should be limited to 30 kg per box; please make a note of this, particularly when packing records, books or folders. They are best placed in an upright position at the bottom of the box.
  • Heavy items should go into the box first, interspaces can be filled with light items such as cushions or towels.
  • Fragile items should be packed individually, and cushioned with extra care, for instance with crumpled newspapers.

You can test the quality of your packing by gently shaking the box: this should not produce any noise or rattling inside.

For everyone who likes to pack and tackle things themselves: click here for our DIY videos


Prepare for a Relaxed Removal Day

  • Everything you might need (documents, tools, etc.) should be stored separately in a place with easy access.
  • Make sure the securing locks for transport of all household appliances or office equipment are in place, for instance in your washing machine or computer.
  • Janitors and neighbours at both locations should be informed about your removal.
  • Enough free parking spaces and access to the premises at both locations should have been taken care of beforehand.

Food and Drinks

Removal companies are always asked if food and drinks should be provided for the workers and if it is common to give tips to the removal team.

Our teams do of course appreciate a snack and non-alcoholic beverages, for instance mineral water or refreshing juices.

It is entirely up to you if you feel like giving tips, as a reward for good work this bonus is always appreciated.